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Paragon Casual Furniture is designed with minimal maintenance in mind. Metal frames should be kept clean; do not let dirt build on the metal frames. Regular soap and water is recommended. Seasonal touch-up of any scratches, chips or occasional rust seepage (from crevices and hidden, unfinishable surfaces inherent in some ornate designs) is all that is required. Touch-up paint can be obtained from Paragon Casual. Chemicals such as harsh detergents and strong bleach should not be used. To keep your furniture looking its best, you may wish to store or cover your furniture when not in use for an extended period of time. When storing your metal furniture, please be sure and drain any water out of the frames. This may require turning the frame upside down or on its side. Failure to properly drain your furniture may result in freeze damage.

Mosaic Stone Tops: Regular cleaning and periodic resealing is required to maintain the beauty of the natural stone top. All of our natural stone tops come pre-sealed, but they should be resealed with exterior natural stone enhancer or sealer at least twice a year. Resealing upon opening the original package may be required due to the nature of sealer disintegration over time. Resealing and renewing the finish on our Mosaic Stone Tops prevents the loss of luster, which is a sign that the moisture barrier of the table top requires attention. In addition, you may notice areas on the table chipping, which is a natural and normal occurrence for slate and travertine. Or, you may notice a small area where grout may need to be replaced. This is not an indication of manufacturing defect, but is a natural sign of wear and usage. Grout may be obtained from Paragon Casual. Natural stone enhancer or sealer products can be purchased at most hardware stores and home centers. Always follow the sealer manufacturer’s instructions. (We recommend Aqua Mix Enrich ‘N Seal which is available online but any outdoor natural stone sealer works well) Spills and stains should be wiped up and cleaned immediately. Chemicals such as harsh detergents and strong bleach should not be used. When storing your furniture, please be sure all surfaces are clean and dry. Failure to properly prepare your furniture for storage may result in freeze damage.

Cushion: Paragon Casual offers Sunbrella Fabrics. Classic Cushions, our cushion partner, offers Sunbrella, as well as other quality 100% solution-dyed acrylics or acrylic/polyester blended fabrics, along with the finest outdoor foam and fiber fillings. One of the best ways to keep outdoor fabrics looking good and to delay deep or vigorous cleaning is to properly maintain the fabrics. This can be accomplished by simply brushing off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabrics, wiping up or spot cleaning spills as soon as they occur. Do not dry-clean or use home/commercial laundry machines or dryers on your cushions/fabric. View the Sunbrella fabric stain chart for recommended cleaning solutions. ( The application of any type fabric treatment to a cushion is not recommended and may void the fabric warranty. Most fabrics already have a treatment woven into the threads of the fabric and the use of additional treatment to cushions/fabrics may have a negative effect on the fabric. There are some suntan lotions that maybe be damaging to your cushions/fabrics. To avoid staining these surfaces, DO NOT allow this type of product to come in contact with your cushions/fabrics. Water resistant fabrics shed water because of their weave or because they have been treated. However, they will soak through in a heavy rain. Stand cushions on end and allow them to drain and drip dry. 

Fire Pits: Follow cleaning instructions listed for the frame of your fire pit. If your unit has not been used for a period of time, visually inspect the burner pan for standing water as it will affect the ignition of your fire pit. Inspect the igniter and intake valve of your fire pit before use for insects, nests, or any signs of spider webs. The Intake valve and burner are great places for small insects seeking shelter. Gas blockage from spider webs, nests or insects laying eggs in the burner or intake valve are known to create continuous or uneven air flow problems while burning or even create “flashback” problems. These nests can obstruct the gas flow which can back-up and ignite a flashback which can damage your fire pit, property, and injure a person. There are three ways to clean the intake valve and burner: • Bend a stiff wire (a light weight coat hanger with a small hook), insert it into the “Air Intake” port as far in as possible two to three times to make sure the blockage is clear. • Use a narrow bristle brush with a flexible handle and follow the steps above. • Wear Eye Protection: Use an air hose to force air into the intake valve to clear out the blockage