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Where can I purchase Paragon Casual furniture? +
Contact with your city, county, and state location and we will supply you with a list of Paragon Casual retailers in your area.
I live outside the United States of America; Where can I purchase Paragon Casual’s furniture? +
Contact Paragon Casual Customer Service Department by e-mail at
Can I buy direct from Paragon Casual? +
In order to ensure you receive the best service and to see our products up close Paragon Casual relies on a network of authorized dealers. Contact us at sales@paragoncasual to locate a dealer near you.
How can I obtain a Paragon Casual catalog? +
Can I have cushions made for Paragon Casual furniture with my own fabric? +
Yes. We will gladly accommodate Customer Own Material (COM).
How can I identify a certain furniture item? +
Please send a picture of said items to: We will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.
Where can I find information on How To Take Care of my Paragon Casual Furniture? +
Click on ‘Care & Maintenance’ on the Paragon Casual web page.  NEVER use a power washer on the frame or fabric of your Paragon Casual furniture.
Where can I find information on Paragon Casual warranty? +
Click on ‘Warranty’ on the Paragon Casual web page.
Why does my stone top have chips, gouges or corners missing? +
All Paragon Casual Stone Tops are hand inlaid of natural material and colors/characteristics will vary;  many of our tables replicate old Italian floors, and the stone may have chips, pits, surface cracks, gouges, or corners missting.  These aspects enhance the character of the table top.  They are not defects and in no way diminish the structural integrity of the tabletop.
How do I clean my Mosaic Stone Top? +
Airborne dust and dirt can easily be removed with plain water.  For more thorough cleaning, use a pH neutral cleaner such as Simple Green, a water-based biodegradable cleaner available in most supermarkets.  Avoid ammonia-based cleaners, which can break down the sealant.  Spills should always be cleaned up reasonably quickly since over time they may begin to penetrate the sealant.  You must reseal your Mosaic Stone top on a regular basis to protect your top and abide by Paragon Casual warranty.
Do I need to reseal my Mosaic Stone Top? +
Yes! Tabletops must be resealed on a regular basis to protect the stone or the warranty is voided.  We recommend twice a year to reseal your Paragon Casual Mosaic Stone Tops.  You may use any outdoor stone sealer purchased from your local hardware store.
Do I need to store my Mosaic Stone Top in the winter months? +
We recommend that tabletops be stored in a dry area in cold climates or be covered with a suitable outdoor furniture cover.  Always seal the tabletop before each winter.  To cover, make a tent with the cover so that it is not touching any part of the tabletop; this will promote airflow and allow moisture to escape.  It is possible that snow sitting on a tabletop for an extended period of time could cause moisture to penetrate the sealer.  Stone and grout are porous, and if moisture were to enter the stone or grout and freeze, the table may crack.
Are my cushions and pillows machine washable? +
Paragon Casual does not recommend machine washing cushions or pillows. To keep your cushions and pillows looking new, address stains promptly. Refer to the cleaning instructions offered by Sunbrella Fabrics.
How do I clean my aluminum or wrought iron furniture? +
Periodically hose down (NEVER use a power washer on the frame or fabric of your Paragon Casual furniture) or wash product with mild soap and water to help remove dust, pollens, chemicals, salt water, dirt, etc. Aluminum frames offer exceptionally easy maintenance, and should be cared for like the fine furniture it is.